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Writer's Block: Knowledge is power

aoû. 31e, 2010 | 09:55 pm

What subject you like to become more knowledgeable about, and why?

I totally missed this way back when.  I would love to become more knowledgeable about all sorts of things including the following:

the bits about the human body I don't already know
the inner workings of my car (though it's possibly I don't want to know)
botanical medicine
cross cultural marriage practices
... a million other things I can't think of at the moment. 

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Writer's Block: Categorically speaking ...

mar. 13e, 2010 | 04:51 pm

1) Self-directed learning
2) Child birth & midwifery
3) Breastfeeding
4) Anthropology
5) Youth

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Writer's Block: If you're not part of the solution ...

jan. 9e, 2010 | 12:34 pm

Are there any political issues or civil liberties you actively promote or defend (through volunteer/grassroots efforts)? What are they? Do most of your friends feel similarly?

Democratic, freedom-based education, progressive education, marriage equality, and food justice.

The non-profit I work for focuses on food justice, so as the farm to school coordinator I focus on food justice in schools and with children and teens outside of school. Income, class, race, gender, etc. should not be an indicator of a human beings access to quality food.

I support the non-standardization of education and learning for children and teens (and college students too, but I can't focus on everyone). I think that top-down, hierarchical, bureaucratic system in almost all public schools goes against the very nature of civil liberties. As a society we might think that students within education institutions should and can be deprived of certain rights to ensure a "safe" and uniform educational experience. The truth is, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, children and teens are human beings with needs, personalities, futures and they should be the ones calling the shots regarding what they want to learn, how they want to learn it, with whom, and for what purpose. Teachers are resources, guides, friends, mentors, advisers - to assist students in their goals for themselves, not ours.

As for marriage equality, I support everyone choosing to enter into a committed relationship. Your life, your choice. Same goes for reproductive rights for women. These last two I don't really actively promote, other than adding my opinion to conversations and supporting politicians who advocate them.

My friends agree with all of these as far as I know. I think my stance on education/learning was difficult for some people to accept, but as far as I know they all support the idea now.

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Writer's Block: My Dream Job

sep. 14e, 2009 | 06:55 pm

Oh...my dream job.  It could be anything, or nothing. I know that I definitely do not want to be a plumber. I know that I definitely want to farm at least part time and try to be as sustainable as possible. I want to have children...and while I don't know if that's my dream job exactly, I think it could be really really exciting.

So, on to my dream job.  I would be employed as a full time teacher at an independent, non-traditional school for all age groups, but I would specialize in late childhood and adolescence.  I would teach subjects in the social sciences, take a very active role in the school garden (because we would obviously have one, and a huge one at that), and act as a mentor and advisor.  I would also play a large role in the overall sustainability of the school building and promote taking care of ourselves, our community and our planet.  Someday I will achieve this.

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juin. 15e, 2009 | 01:56 pm

Now that we're moving to an apartment in a house with a backyard and gigantic garage (in addition to my attempts to make whatever I can instead of buying it) I've developed a really unruly list of projects, which I will now list in order of the month I *hope* to complete them.

June - build compost bin, clothes line, and solar oven
July - plant my garden, build the portable kitchen counter/shelf/pot hanging device, re-tile the kitchen counters, sew skirts and shirts (seeing as I made the patterns 2 months ago), make strawberry fruit preserves
August - build bookshelves, build our platform bed
September - begin winter quilt, take one section of the couch home to be reupholstered
October - Sew heavy curtains to keep in heat in winter

I know there are more things I had planned on doing...thankfully those are the ones I can remember, meaning they're probably the most important. Maybe.  I think make herbal salves was another one, probably something I should do in the summer so I can infuse the herbs/oil in the sun. And make sun tea. And tie dye. And... I'm done. For now.

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Seriously couldn't have said it better myself...

jan. 10e, 2009 | 10:03 pm

Indigo Sudbury Campus, an independent school in Alberta which follows democratic principles in education stated this on their website:

"Unhealthy structure, in our opinion, includes: age segregation, pre-determined, externally chosen subjects of study that neither take into consideration children’s interests nor their developmental readiness, the use of fear, competition and punishment to ensure compliance and evaluations that encourage a sense of superiority or inferiority. Unhealthy structure often results in children who have lost the ability to be internally guided and make responsible choices for themselves."

100% in agreement with this sentiment.

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nov. 25e, 2008 | 09:57 am

8 days left of the semester, for me at least. So much still left to do...

Do the video guides for Project Muse and Literature Resource Center
Finish the case study so I can write my User ed paper (7 pages minimum)
Write my cataloging paper (12-15 pages)
Finish my collection development policy wiki

It's amusing, because as opposed to last semester I actually started assignments a lot earlier this time around. And I still have so much crap to do. Heh.

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Keep your school off of my [child's] education

nov. 20e, 2008 | 10:56 pm

I went to 4-H and played soccer with a girl who was home schooled. She and her 4 siblings were all home schooled. As a middle/high schooler, I thought this was quite tragic. What a terribly uneventful life she must have (which was so very far from the truth- from what I recall she played violin, soccer, did 4-H and whatever else she desire I imagine). In high school my mother's cousin and his wife decided to home school their daughter. I remember thinking that they were probably the worst parents ever. Their daughter would obviously grow up unsocialized and lacking any sense of normalcy.

This is amusing to me when I reflect on my own supposed socialization and normalcy. I suppose to many people I appeared "properly socialized". Mostly though, public school destroyed me emotionally, with support from my family of course. I was teased relentlessly for any number of things- being the chubby kid, the poor kid, the smart kid. When Mike and I decided (more or less) that we'd do some sort of child rearing in the far off distant future I began thinking about their education.

Here's a great statement from a blog I found earlier that is almost verbatim how I feel about public and even private education in the US:
"Schools tell kids what to learn, when, in what order, and probably the worst thing for my kids, schools told them when they had learned enough. My children learned to become passive learners, taking in only what they were given, no longer questioning what else there might be to know."

I've expressed in previous posts my complete dissatisfaction with the current educational system, both at the K-12 and Higher ed level. I think that many teachers share the same dislike of standardized testing and teaching to the test. I have no suggestions on how to improve this situation.

Therefore, my child(ren) will be unschooled at home. I will practice child-led learning because children, as human beings are just as entitled to have personal interests and pursue knowledge they crave rather than becoming inactive knowledge targets.

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OMG cutest little french girl ever

nov. 15e, 2008 | 11:39 pm

with a great, yet somewhat dark imagination.

Once upon a time... from Capucha on Vimeo.

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3 weeks left...

nov. 13e, 2008 | 12:33 pm

to do:

Write User Ed paper (Intro done)
Do research and write Cataloging paper
Finish assignment 5 for cataloging
Write the collection development policy for anthropology
Write the presentation proposal
Finish the wiki
Finish the ENG 102 lesson plans and teach the classes


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