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juin. 15e, 2009 | 01:56 pm

Now that we're moving to an apartment in a house with a backyard and gigantic garage (in addition to my attempts to make whatever I can instead of buying it) I've developed a really unruly list of projects, which I will now list in order of the month I *hope* to complete them.

June - build compost bin, clothes line, and solar oven
July - plant my garden, build the portable kitchen counter/shelf/pot hanging device, re-tile the kitchen counters, sew skirts and shirts (seeing as I made the patterns 2 months ago), make strawberry fruit preserves
August - build bookshelves, build our platform bed
September - begin winter quilt, take one section of the couch home to be reupholstered
October - Sew heavy curtains to keep in heat in winter

I know there are more things I had planned on doing...thankfully those are the ones I can remember, meaning they're probably the most important. Maybe.  I think make herbal salves was another one, probably something I should do in the summer so I can infuse the herbs/oil in the sun. And make sun tea. And tie dye. And... I'm done. For now.

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