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Writer's Block: If you're not part of the solution ...

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jan. 9e, 2010 | 12:34 pm

Are there any political issues or civil liberties you actively promote or defend (through volunteer/grassroots efforts)? What are they? Do most of your friends feel similarly?

Democratic, freedom-based education, progressive education, marriage equality, and food justice.

The non-profit I work for focuses on food justice, so as the farm to school coordinator I focus on food justice in schools and with children and teens outside of school. Income, class, race, gender, etc. should not be an indicator of a human beings access to quality food.

I support the non-standardization of education and learning for children and teens (and college students too, but I can't focus on everyone). I think that top-down, hierarchical, bureaucratic system in almost all public schools goes against the very nature of civil liberties. As a society we might think that students within education institutions should and can be deprived of certain rights to ensure a "safe" and uniform educational experience. The truth is, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, children and teens are human beings with needs, personalities, futures and they should be the ones calling the shots regarding what they want to learn, how they want to learn it, with whom, and for what purpose. Teachers are resources, guides, friends, mentors, advisers - to assist students in their goals for themselves, not ours.

As for marriage equality, I support everyone choosing to enter into a committed relationship. Your life, your choice. Same goes for reproductive rights for women. These last two I don't really actively promote, other than adding my opinion to conversations and supporting politicians who advocate them.

My friends agree with all of these as far as I know. I think my stance on education/learning was difficult for some people to accept, but as far as I know they all support the idea now.

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