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oct. 28e, 2008 | 02:09 pm

NerdTests.com says I'm an Uber Cool Nerd Queen. What are you? Click here!

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Scary shizz

oct. 19e, 2008 | 09:17 pm

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oct. 19e, 2008 | 08:43 pm

Tonight was nice.  Mike made us dinner.  Roasted asparagus, red potatoes and red peppers tossed with olive oil and parmesan cheese and Quorn garlic and herb chik'n cutlets.   Transitioning to a meat free diet has been kind of difficult.  I guess it's hard to break the meat and potatoes theme I was raised with.  I no longer eat beef or pork.  I have had chicken a couple of times since I decided to stop eating meat and I still eat fish.  It's a gradual process.  

Seven weeks left of the semester.  Assignments are starting to accumulate and I'm teaching more classes at Canisius.  Teaching is really rewarding.  Especially at this level.  When students begin to understand that research isn't just finding resources but analyzing and interpreting them I feel like I've actually accomplished something.  It's a really great feeling.  

A teaching librarian certainly isn't what I had in mind when I used to think I'd enjoy teaching, but I'll take it. 

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oct. 14e, 2008 | 11:13 am

After having concluded from the EBM (Evidence based medicine) and the Systematic reviews, that medically speaking there is not enough evidence to circumcise male infants, I've become an Intactivist. 

While researching I found a randomized control trial which was attempting to determine pain management drugs/techniques for infants undergoing painful hospital operations.  This article was from 1991 so it's definitely considered outdated in the medical field. However, it wasn't so much the findings that concerned me but more so part of the procedure. Bascially, they were trying to determine if sucrose helped manage pain in infants during painful hospital procedures (blood collection via heel lance and circumcision).  One group was given a 12% sucrose solution (which they believed would help control pain) while the control group received 2 mL of sterile water.  This seems massively unethical to me.  Not only are they going to cut bits off of their genitalia, but they're not going to give them any pain medication for it. 

Why would anyone want to cut bits off their infants? Especially when one of the main reasons for performing this surgery (even into the 70's and 80's) was to prevent masturbation.  My fiancé was circumsized, as are most American males his age I imagine.  I'm looking for more scholarly information to present to him because I really don't think he understands my feelings on this. From his point of view he was circumsized, has a healthy sex life, no genital disorders or anything - nothing out of the ordinary and everything's great down there.  I just want to show him that while it may not have negatively impacted him, it isn't a necessary procedure.

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Green Clean

sep. 21e, 2008 | 10:53 pm

Considering I kind of overlooked spring cleaning, I figured I'd give fall cleaning a go.

Here's a really great green-cleaning guide I found, very thorough.  I know I'm going to be much happier chemical free.

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Wedding guest list

sep. 21e, 2008 | 11:26 am

It's amazing how weddings get out of control so quickly...

We just looked at our guest list...222 people. So we're having to make decisions on who to invite and who not to invite. Family obviously, but not extended. And only really close friends.  So begins the cutting. Hopefully everyone will understand that we're paying for this ourselves with minimal outside assistance so we can't afford to invite everyone.

People will say, "Well, you should have waited til you were more financially stable before trying to pay for a wedding." In which case, my only reply is, "Even if we had waited, I still wouldn't be willing to pay more than I am now.  For just one day? Albeit one of the most important days of my life.  But, no. I have things I want to do that cost money and are somewhat more important than my family (most of whom I don't care for) and random people I have never even been introduced to." 

Seriously, there are people coming to my wedding that I have never even met before. Granted, they're Mike's parent's friends. I think I have the right to know everyone coming to my wedding though. Especially when I'm the one paying for it.


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sep. 13e, 2008 | 12:35 pm

a student who realizes why you need an advanced degree to be a librarian. Poor kid though. She was massively confused. 

Professors really need to get their act together.  Granted, some of them are really great.  They communicate with the liaison librarians (more than just letting them know which materials they feel should be purchased for the collection).  Sometimes they bring their students in for a resources instruction class or even invite the librarians into their classroom for more personalized instruction.

Yet, there are the others who never even mention to their students how to find resources.   If you're not going to show them at least invite a librarian in to show them if you're too lazy or "busy" to take them to the library yourself.  They say "I want a ten page paper on yada yada yada....15 sources...yada yada yada...scholarly sources....blah blah blah".  And the students come to the library and they try to find 15 scholarly sources which match the criteria their professors have given them (though most of the time 15 scholarly sources is the only criteria they are given).  Come on dudes, tell your students what a scholarly source is if that's what you want them to give you.  It will take you about 5-10 minutes tops. And nobody gets hurt. Promise.

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aoû. 29e, 2008 | 07:15 pm

Generally I tend to lean toward the left, being a democrat and all, but really I'm not fond of either candidate for this upcoming election.

Obviously I am strongly against McCain, but I'm not really for Obama either. Somewhere between a rock and a hard place, I am.

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aoû. 29e, 2008 | 02:45 pm

Touché, pussycat.

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One week down...

aoû. 29e, 2008 | 09:41 am

I'm extremely satisfied with the classes I chose this semester- I feel like I'm going to learn a lot. I am, however, getting kind of frustrated with the LIS department, even though they are finally offering the social sciences class I've been wanting to take since I started the program. I've also noticed that while librarians are amazing (give or take) many library students just have a plethora of unattractive qualities- arrogance being one of them. I've noticed that arrogance is often times just an unfortunate case of excessive self- confidence. Self-confidence is a great quality, though only in moderation. Too much of a great thing really can make some people seem like insufferable know-it-alls.

But moving on, I ended up with an info literacy practicum at Canisius. I'll be teaching classes, creating online tutorials for the databases and catalog, doing collection development, virtual reference, and basically whatever else I want to do. I also just taught my first session yesterday morning- OVID Medline to 2nd year pharm students. Next Wednesday I'm shadowing a RST 101 (Religious Studies and Theology) user ed class at Canisius. This is one of four courses that all freshman at Canisius are required to take, though as Canisius is a catholic college I'm not terribly surprised. I was surprised though when the mentioned world religions aside from Judeo-Christian will be taught. That made me feel better.

In any case, today is the first day since Monday that I will not have spent between 10-13 hours on campus. Yay relaxation.

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